What Little Tigers Football Academy Provides As a Football Academy

We Welcome you to the Educational Football Academy. Little Tigers Football is a friendly established player developing football academy at Rectory Park, Sports Complex. Little Tigers Football Academy aim is to deliver the best coaching possible with our FA Qualified Coaches. Our coaches will give care and attention to your child's needs. We will focus on your child's technical capabilities and teach mental toughness. At Little Tigers Football Academy we will teach your child many aspects of life. We believe in bringing up a good human being before anything else. Here are few of the common things we will teach and discuss with your child. 

  • Team Work,Respect,Communication,Discipline,Loyalty,Honesty,Nutrition, Fitness,  - Much more. 

Football training is important for the child's confidence, health, life skills, football skills and discipline. This academy is for the benefit and good health of your child. Physical exercise is vital for your child's health, growth and confidence.

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